Insolvency Law

Effective solving of insolvency contributes to increase of the legal certainty in both entrepreneurial and private sector. However the ways of solving bankruptcy in insolvency proceedings do not belong to topics that could be considered simple from the legal regulation point of view. As the practice itself shows, in connection with application it is often possible to encounter numerous - even quite significant - interpretation difficulties, which are additionally intensified by constant development that insolvency law is still undergoing. Despite all of this we dispose of experience that is able to ensure positive course of insolvency proceedings.


  • drawing up of insolvency applications including applications for debt relief

  • drawing up of registrations of claims in insolvency proceedings

  • drawing up of actions to exclude things from property estat

  • representation in court proceedings including incidental disputes

  • drafting of actions to deny claims

  • representation in bodies of creditors

Insolvenční právo


The price for provision of legal services is governed by Regulation of the Ministry of Justice No. 177/1996 Sb., on remuneration of attorneys-at-law and compensations of attorneys-at-law for provision of legal services (Attorneys-at-law Tariff). The payments are made in the form of advance payments. You have your costs always under control.


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Mgr. Erika Vejmelková