Contracts and Agreements

Do you consider selling immovable property, constructional adjustments, repair of your house or garden and do you need to draft a contract for work or a purchase contract? There is nothing easier than to contact our law office, Dostál and Sorokáč, who will take care of the whole case for you and eliminate potential risks and pitfalls resulting from contracting processes.

With a few exceptions a contract may be entered into in writing, orally or impliedly. After all, it is also the most common legal fact that we encounter every day, whereby we often do not realize its importance and we do not think about its relevance. There is no other way than to recommend that except everyday cases, such as purchase of goods in a shop or a ride in public transport, a contract should be entered into in writing, because this avoids possible disputes and misunderstandings between the contracting parties in the future. Few people, if they do not deal with the relevant contract areas in the long term, can however imagine all situations that may occur and therefore they do not handle them contractually. In such cases a contract is a usual work task of an attorney-at-law, because only a person professionally competent in legal area is able to create documents that can eliminate all possible risks. Our long-time experience acquired also during court disputes gives us therefore all necessary prerequisites to create quality contractual documentation and to guide the client also through the pitfalls of the contracting process.


  • drafting of contracts and their legal analysis and revision

  • co-ownership contracts

  • contracts on easements

  • contracts to regulate relationships between spouses and contracts to settle property of spouses

  • contracts for work

  • contracts to transfer business shares

  • brokerage contracts

  • contracts on business representation

  • contracts to assign claims

  • lease and sublease contracts

  • contracts establishing securing of obligation - pledge contracts, contracts on surety, contracts to transfer rights to secure obligation

  • authentication of genuineness of signatures on instruments that were both drafted by us or brought in and signed in front of our attorney-of-law, the authentication made by an attorney-at-law has equal validity as the authentication made by a notary or a Registry Office

  • enforcement of invalidity of contracts and withdrawal from contracts

  • extra-judicial and court solution of disputes resulting from contractual relationships

  • assessment of rights and obligations resulting from contracts

  • evaluation of possibilities to terminate contractual relationships (obligations)

  • consultancy and representation of clients in negotiations about entering into, amendment of or termination of contracts



Smlouvy a dohody


The price for provision of legal services is governed by Regulation of the Ministry of Justice No. 177/1996 Sb., on remuneration of attorneys-at-law and compensations of attorneys-at-law for provision of legal services (Attorneys-at-law Tariff). The payments are made in the form of advance payments. You have your costs always under control.


Do not hesitate to call us and arrange an informative, personal appointment free of charge. Nothing can be easier. We will analyze your case and recommend you further steps.

The Specialists

JUDr. Ing. Mgr. Pavel Sorokáč, MBA

JUDr. Ing. Mgr. Pavel Sorokáč, MBA

Mgr. Ing. Mgr. Jiří Dostál

Mgr. Ing. Mgr. Jiří Dostál